Eight working days on, and it’s really starting to look like a room. The drywall work was finished last week, and the contractor had a plasterer come in to tape and float the walls and pantry build-out. This week, they started painting. Monday was texturing of the walls and ceiling, followed by painting the ceiling and priming the walls. Today, they painted the walls and baseboards (which have been removed for painting and floor install), and added some trim to the ledge above the pantry build-out. They also removed the old floor. Tomorrow, they will scrape the slab clean and do some paint touchup. Notice that the contractor painted everything, including the walls that will be hidden by the cabinets. It looks so good in there that I’m tempted to move a sofa and chair in there and call it done! Cabinets are on schedule for 10/28 delivery with installation beginning on 10/31. So, we won’t have anybody working next week. Next major update will include cabinets. Countertops will come about two weeks after cabinets. Then floor (tile) and appliances. We’ve still got to buy a couple of drop lights, too.

I’ll start some before pictures. You can click the link to see earlier pictures from the remodel.

Living room paint has been added to the pantry build-out after texturing
Kitchen drywall taped and floated, but not yet textured
Today’s work: painting walls, adding trim to ledge over the pantry build-out
Looking into the kitchen. Note removal of half wall over the bar. It’s made a remarkable difference in the feel of the size of the two rooms.