I never bought comic books. I wasn't too much into Cowyboys and Indians, though I did have horses and was a pretty good rider. I didn't play football. But I scraped every nickel I had together to buy the latest Car and Driver, Road and Track, and other car magazines. I'm not sure why, my Dad liked cars, but it drove him crazy that I would spend my money on the magazines. To this day, I couldn't point out where my car obsession comes from. But I've been trying to foist it on my sons and its only taken a touch. My oldest, the Marine, does want a Jeep. But, try as I might, the youngest was only being polite when I'd drag him to car shows, etc... But then it hit me: karting.

A couple of weeks back I took him to spend a day at our local karting track, SBR Motorsports. He's hooked. He absolutely loved it. Today we spent the day watching our local club, the Pikes Peak Karting Association, races. I've never seen him so engaged. He plays football, but he never asks to play at home, he could care less about football on TV, I'm not saying he doesn't like football, but his spark is now completely ignited. Off to the races.

What did we learn? Well, it's not cheap. A kart will set you back around $1500 to $3000 for a used one. The other kit you need, probably another grand. Each race is $70. Each practice session is $35 (which actually is a bargain). But the killer is going to be the tires: $200 for a set. Multiply that by 6 races, most racers say they go through a set per race, and we're talking $1200 in a season, plus the tires he'll use practicing. Plus, these people often go all out.

Would I be starting a hobby or a racing team? This part is going to take some thinking. I'm hoping to edge into it, perhaps renting a cart to make sure he likes it. But one thing was clear, the people were friendly. I also liked that it wasn't just kids. There were racers from age 5 to some in their 70's. I also like the number of female racers we saw. I think is really nice.

The races were a thrill to watch. From the shifter karts which hit 80 mph to the juniors, it really was enjoyable to watch. Now to figure out how I'm going to afford those tires.

All photos copyright with all rights reserved by Dan Mosqueda, 2013.