This Cars and Coffee is getting nuts. Filled the entire parking lot of one of the megachurches here and people were still filing in trying to find spots. So much stuff of all types, it’s amazing. Not featured: every Focus RS in the state of Colorado (probably).

Also sorry for the potato phone camera has a crack in it. Also my phone’s accelerometer may be shot so some photos may be upside down...

Gorgeous E-Type
BMW 3.0 CS .... jaw dropping.
R32 (quite a few of these showed up)
Datsun 510 with what looked like a turbo SR-20 under the hood
Celica GTV - right hand drive. This thing is so good. Seen it a few times.
I like this sticker
Morgan 3-wheeler! Next to a fake Ferrari Dino
I like Vipers... can we stop making everything this shitty gray color please?!?!
damn gurl...
I gotta say I dig this. Only japanese cars can pull this off.
THIS. So mad I didn’t bring a better camera. This is a 356 outlaw. It stopped us in our tracks... stunning.
Deleted everything up front... like a Chip Foose 356.
Super clean in the back too. You can see the ghost stripes here.
Dat blower tho
Lil red express!
Lotus Europa! Never seen one before. This was the JPS special edition for when Lotus won the constructor’s championship.
JPS always looks good.
A Jalop’s wet dream. CTS-V Wagon... WITH A MANUAL
And I’m in love.... the Giulia Sprint GTA
AAR Cuda!
Sweet 2002 Tii
A mini next to the behemoth that is the deuce-and-a-half. Yeah my phone camera blows...
GT3 RS. Those fender vents.....
Viper... T/A!
Never seen a Maserati Mistral before.
The M3
458 Speciale
SHOGUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. This one (#5) is/was owned by Jay Leno.
Marlin Rambler. The granddaddy of fastback family haulers.
Super clean ‘69 mustang.
i8 pooping out another 911.
Sweet Volvo 240
The reason this MG made it is because it is Ford powered. The others are probably still on the side of the road.
Nice pair of 356's.
Damn that’s a big motor...
And the worst Lancia ever made decided to somehow not turn to dust on the way over. Scorpion.
A few sylvia’s showed up
675 LT! It’s super badass in person.
Dat carbon fiber door sill...
Superformance (?) gt40. Apparently goes to vintage races too.
The only good Porsche 924? That’s a chevy 502 in there... and the radiator apparently exploded as he was parking.

So yeah... if anyone is in northern colorado you gotta come to this cars and coffee. This was only a fraction of what was there. JDM, Euro, American stuff out the ass. Perfect for a jalop.