Grrrrr. So I'm driving home from my second thanksgiving tonight, on the interstate, cruise set at about 70, which is just slightly faster than the guy in the right lane is going... I've been along side him for nearly a minute, and its just getting old, so as we are heading up a hill I goose it a little just to get by him so I don't have to look over to the right to see where he is... at the top of the rise, in the median pull off is a state trooper. Nailed. 83 in a 65, which I was litterally going for MAYBE a 1/4 mile. *Grumble* Fucking end of month revenue gathering bored Vermont cops *bitch and moan* nothing better to do with their time *grumble* I wasn't even driving like I sometimes do. God damn $175 lame-ass ticket. :P