A Le Mans Group C car time forgot, kind of. It was sometimes reffered to as the Lancia-Ferrari. It was more powerful than it's main rival, the Porsche 956, and snagged several poles over it. However, as it was a Lancia there were some problems with reliability, and it consumed more fuel than the 956.

It's Ferrari engine was the new 3.0 V8s like in the 308GTBi. They reduced it to a 2.6 and added two KKK turbos. The chassis was built by Dallara, an aluminum monocoque. In total Lancia built seven LC2s. In the LC2's first race, the 1983 Monza 1000km, they grabbed pole position, a second faster than Joest's 956s. However, during the race, the leading Lancia ran into tire problems, and the 2nd car finished 12th. Ouch. Later that year the team skipped the World Sportscar event in Japan to compete at Imola. This decision paid off, as Teo Fabi and Hans Heyer grabbed the LC2's first win.

But the Porsches were not at Imola, they were in Japan. Oh well, a win for Lancia. Lancia finished the 83 season with back to back wins at Mugello and Kyalami. In 1984 Lancia ran a mediocre season, except for one win. The skipped Japan again, but could not replicate a win at Imola. Later they snagged a 1-2 victory at Kyalami.

Lancia LC2 chases a Rothmans Porsche. I think..

Lancia needed to prove it could win in 1985. At the Monza 1000km the LC2's qualified a whole 4 seconds ahead of the Porsches. The Lancias were in third place, and on the lead lap when a tree was blown across the track and ended the race early. Lancia style reliabilty plauged them again at Silverstone, Le Mans, and Hockenheimring. They finished second in the constructors championship that year.

At the Spa 1000km the LC2 driven by Bob Wollek, Piccardo Patrese, and Mauro Baldi took it's last win, as the race was ended early in respect for Stefan Beldof, who died earlier in the race.

In 1986 Lancia continued the LC2 program as a one car effort. Unable to compete against Porsches new 962cs, Lancia dropped the program to focus on the World Rally Championship. And we all know that story. In the 3 and a half seasons it raced, the LC2 competed in 51 races, had three wins, 13 poles, and 11 fastest laps.

Why should we remember it? Look at the dang thing! Its oozing awesomeness, was faster than the Porsches, and that air intake could swallow a whole deer. Why wouldnt you love it? Plus, its a goddamned Lancia.

Hope you guys liked this.