Surprise right? I earned my British Car Repair Jalop Badge yesterday. My roommate owns a 2003 Discovery II that has been overheating to the point of coolant shooting out of the overflow outlet that she is trying to sell.

After some mild convincing I talked her into letting me diagnose and repair the vehicle. I surmised that the radiator was shot and possibly the thermostat. Parts were ordered and the day before yesterday we got started late and finished up last evening. So with a few hours of labor as well as a brand new radiator and thermostat (only an extra $30, they commonly go bad and easy to replace while you're in there) it doesn't even act like it's thinking of overheating now.

Now she should be able to sell it far more easily as people were low-balling her on offers saying they were getting quotes from mechanics anywhere from $1000-$2000 for a repair which only cost $300 in parts.

I just felt like I should share this here because you are some of the only people that would truly appreciate it.