Weird. Might as well blog about it. It's not like I'm going to be doing any actual work. Ok, I'll serve customers and answer the phone, but that's about it. I do plan on saying "It's my last day" a lot though.

I currently manage a smoke shop, selling cigars and the like in Kamloops, BC. Been here just over 5 years, the longest job I've held. It's been a decent place to work, my bosses are great and the customer base is interesting (mostly in a good way... mostly). I started as just a clerk, but I've been managing the place for a couple of years now, so I've pretty much climbed to the top of the ladder here and they aren't going to pay me much more than I already make, so it's time to move on. Also it's retail, and everything that comes with that.


A little over a week from now I'll be starting at a sharpening shop in Red Deer, AB. Better pay and a what seems to be a decent long term oppo-tunity, putting in motion my long term plan to own an Esprit much like the one you see here, complete with deep dish rear wheels (I call it the Deep Dish Esprizza). Also my new boss likes cars, even owns a Whippet.

I'm stoked because there seems to be a decent autocross club right in Red Deer that runs at least twice a month during the season, and Castrol Raceway is less than an hour away. Considering I think it was my lack of in-car experience that cost me at the GT Academy Nationals, and I full well plan on returning next year, I should be able to improve my real car control skills with a few autocross and track day events. I've already got a couple of opponauts ready to volunteer as pit crew. Good thing I already have the right car for the job. Also, rumour has it that one of my cousin's friends just bought a F5 Cobra, so I probably won't have to go it alone. No sponsors yet, but hopefully the better pay of the new job will outweigh any cost of living increases I'll incur, leading to deeper coffers for my amateur racing ventures.

I'll be able to ditch the front plate, so chalk one up for aesthetics and one for aerodynamics too!


I'll probably be on oppo less during the day ('cause I'm an overwhelming presence already), but I should have great photodumps and stories of autocross awesomeness to share in the future.