Everyone is posting pics of old bimmers. The oldest bimmer I ever owned looked just like this. And it was free!

Except the interior was blue. But the exterior was identical.

1981 633 CSi. Bought for around $2500. Sold it for around $2000. That's the least depreciation I've ever had! And that doesn't even include the fact that it was free. It wasn't in the best condition when I bought it. My Dad drove it home while I drove his car. He got hit by some dudes that sped away instead of pulling over. But my Dad is crazy so he took off after them until he got close enough to see their license plate number.


He identified them in court. Their insurance gave us about $3000 for the damage they caused. But it was just body damage and we got it fixed on the cheap for around $500 (not a perfect job, but hey...). So essentially the car was free.