LED Light Bars: Completed (including night shots)

For those that recall, I got some LED lights bars for the Jeep for cheap off Amazon a few weeks back, and then promptly mounted them, but then shortly thereafter ran into some power distribution problems (It's okay if you don't remember ever minor detail about my fascinating life, I included links to remind you).

Well I finally got around to fixing and finishing my lighting project over the weekend, and figured I would share these pictures with you since many of you were interested in knowing how these turned out.

Switches with the dimmer on:

Switches on (GPS and Compressor switched off in pic):

Exterior with windshield lights on:

Exterior with Bumper bar on:

Here are the interior shots (please beware, these were taken with my iPhone that has been dropped about 100x and takes bad photos in good lighting conditions, on the most dimly lit street in my neighborhood. The pics don't really do the lights justice. They are by far not the greatest lights you could possibly get, but, IMO, at least from the initial use, worth the $ I spent on them)

Headlights only (low beam):

Bumper bar only

Windshield lights only (this one really does no justice, too much ambient light and bad camera)

All on (Low beams, bumper, and windshield)

For a bit of a comparison I bounced this off a building at about 100 ft away.

(low beams only)

(low beams and bumper bar)