As a follow up to my post the other day: My Latest Project LS2 6.0L V8 Legacy GT RWD

I figured I would start a little series of stories on the Legacy and my other cars. Most of the cars that I purchase for myself are basket cases from insurance companies and banks where they have either been wrecked, repo'd or have some sort of other damage.


This is the story of how the Legacy originally came into my obsession and where it has been since then. I purchased the vehicle in March of 2009 at Insurance Auto Auctions. I bought it sight unseen and saw that it had cosmetic damage to the front end as shown below:

Once I got the car transported in, I saw that there was much more damage then was initially apparent from the pictures. The car was hit in the front passenger corner with the following damage:


Passenger Fender Bent
Small Crease in Fender Support
Bent Control Arm
Bent Tie Rod
Axle Boot Torn
Passenger Sway Bar Endlink Snapped
Driver Sway Bar Endlink Torn
Front Bumper Missing
Headlights Cracked Inside
One Wheel Cracked
Two Wheels Bent (Looked Unrelated to other damage)
Timing Cover Broken
Exhaust Cam Gear Broken
Radiator Cracked

Due to some amazing stroke of luck it appeared that timing had not skipped on the engine. I took of the damaged timing components and replaced them along with a new timing belt, water pump, etc. We checked compression and leakdown and everything looked good so we went ahead and started and after a few minutes it was purring like a kitten.

One the engine was sorted, we went ahead and replaced all the front suspension components that were damaged or looked damaged and picked up a set of wheels. The car could now move around on its own:

We drove the car around the neighborhood and it ran pretty well but the tune was a bit off due to the aftermarket intake. We put the engine on hold for a bit and started the body work. I was able to source most of the panels from the local auto body supply place and a few from the dealer. After 3 weeks of repairs this is what we ended up with:

I also sourced a factory airbox as I did not want to deal with tuning for the K&N Intake at time since I was unsure if the engine had any other issues and wanted to make sure that the vehicle was mechanically sound before attempting any modifications.

Soon enough, it was painted and on the road. Here is the result after 6 weeks of having the car and repairing it. All work except for the actually painting was completed by me and friends and family.

A few more parts will be written soon as time allows

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