So I wake up at the crack of dawn, for the second day in a row.

And this little Prelude with the worst possible gearing decides to follow me out to the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA.

But once we arrived, after an hour of driving down 78 through the most beautiful fog, there was a Brat. Guy bought it for $300 and restored it from a vicious case of tinworm.

It's not 100% factory, the roll bar is not even a Subaru roll bar, but it runs and drives, proud as ever. Rear seats are even done correctly, with the seat belts (hidden in the sides).

There was another little Subie there that got plenty of attention, also not factory restored, but a beautiful job regardless.

There was another little guy that made a $200,000 journey, between an Aston Martin and that Lambo next to it. Safe as ever, no one had to get out of the way for the Mini. I'd like to see a new one be able to do that.

This guy must have had some pretty bad amnesia, but admittedly, if I did, I would probably label everything as well, in case I forgot what it was.

How is this a legal PA plate? Can anyone explain this? I've never seen anything like this before, but it looked legit. I had a good time making fun of the stancenation bros. One guy, not sure if he caught my sarcasm, but I was joking that he needed to break out the plastidip because his wheel was losing it's finish (because it was "broken" as I was saying), and he said it rubs on the fender. There's nothing cool about ruining your fender, or expensive wheels like that. Your car is broken, get it fixed. I was making fun of you, and you didn't realize it...

A Merkur!

Finally, this was quite impressive, a new COPO Camaro, done up similarly to an older drag car. I was impressed, because I didn't notice the picture under the hood, and questioned the wheelie bar at first. I'm glad it was truly functional, and required.