Alright, so first things first. Thank you to Party-VI for inviting me to post on Opposite Lock. However, while I am very grateful for these newfound privileges, I don't think I should have them. 


NuOppo: An Introduction

For those who don't know, the old Opposite Lock looked like this. It was a quaint little forum where anyone could post anything in the same endless page where scrolling through the various posts was quick and seamless. With the NuOppo, design is structured more like a blog where the viewer clicks on a page to view its entirety. Posts and pictures are also larger and take up more real estate.


In case you also weren't aware, there are actually two NuOppos. The first, here, is much like the old one. By merely tagging your post with the Opposite Lock tag, anyone can post anything. The second is what you found this post on. The new "proper" Opposite Lock page allows authors on an invite only system.

The Situation

Here's the problem: while new authors must be invited, they can 1) be invited by anyone, and 2) post whatever they want. This leaves the "proper" Opposite Lock much like the tag page, just with less posts. The current system 1) makes the tag NuOppo redundant, 2) punishes those who have no friends to invite them, and 3) makes readers waste their time clicking on every three word entry just to see the comments. No my friends, there must be a better way!


The Solution

To end the madness, I purpose a three tiered system much like the Truck-Nationwide-Cup series in Nascar or F3-GP2-F1 for my friends across the pond. The first NuOppo (ideally it would have a different name) would be much like the old one. Anyone will be able to post there and anyone will be able to read what they post. 



Next, either by means of community voting, or by appointment via Jalopnik trusted moderator/employee, the best posts will be chosen to rise to the next level: Opposite Lock. The posts chosen should probably be of some substance; long enough to necessitate expanding them. 

From this new Opposite Lock, the Jalopnik editors may then choose the best posts, probably the reader-submitted, subject-specific periodicals to ascend to the mighty main page of An example would be the rally co-driving  article written by DUSTYVENTURES earlier today. That's right my fellow Jalops! If you play your cards right you could compete in all three series and end up like this guy!

Well ok. Admittedly you'd want to be better liked than this guy, but you get my point.


So that's my proposition. If you're listing Ray, Matt, Ben, Travis, Mike, Raphael, and whoever else is on the Jalopnik team, I ask you in the kindest of ways: get cracking!

PS: If y'all could get this new system to play nice with the Google Chrome spell-checker that'd be much appreciated.