It's Friday, I'm at home, and I'm bored. What game do I play? Find the car that best fits your needs made by a certain automaker within a set price range. (Long name, eh?)

I thought I could make it multiplayer and get you all involved. Pick any car on the Chevrolet website that comes out under $25,000 and give a reason why you chose that car.

I picked a Sonic RS with a manual (obviously)

Blue Topaz metallic with no other options than a sunroof. Grand total MSRP: $21,032, cheaper than the starting price after an "Open House Discount."


I chose the Sonic because I've heard the RS with it's suspension upgrades is a pretty fun car to drive. Plus I don't haul much more than my girlfriend and the occasional friend, so the size is perfect for my needs.

So what would you pick?