I love cars. I love all kinds of cars. Performance and driving dynamics take precedent over looks, for me. I’ll take an ugly duckling if I can have a hoot driving it.

Have you ever felt compelled to own a vehicle that “fit your station” in life, more than owning the vehicle you wanted because of how others might perceive you?


I’m using the STI as an example, but I’m not addressing typical stereotypes of flat bills and vape.

The STI (all generations) are on my short list of “cool cars that you can daily,” but I work in a rather conservative, semi-white collar environment. I park next to the CEO who drives an XKR convertible. Were I to own an STI, I would legitimately be concerned if people would take me as seriously if I daily drove something with such aggressive lines and arguably “boy racer” accents.

That said, have you ever modified your own vehicle purchases for fear of crafting yourself the wrong image?