College is cool- but why not skip the middle man and just finance a Porsche? Real talk though, let’s hear about racing/track day cars you’d love to create/buy sometime. Heck, you may even get mention on the Untitled Car Show!

Because i’m lame, I really just want to get my hands on a 911 Cup Car. There’s something cool about the ubiquity of them; I know that sounds dumb but gimmie a second- Professionals and rich old men alike usually drive them at critical junctures in their driving careers. From what I’ve read, there’s a tremendously tall performance ceiling, which will keep you going back to the track weekend after weekend. They look AWESOME; nothing screams “Race car” like a Porsche with a tall wing, just look at it next to the garden variety of Corvettes, Miatas, and 3ers at your next track day. The only bummer? Cost. Apparently the gearboxes need refreshing constantly. Ah well, someday.

This incoherent rant brought to you by Young Dads with full time school and jobs, bored and without sleep!