Disregard the lowered hardbody, it's Chevy time.

First things first, nice asshat park job bud.

Secondly, how is this considered legal? I understand he has the lowered bar and lights to fulfill government requirements, but come on. Little Becky on her way to soccer practice in the back of mom's minivan will be wide-eyed and understands the danger of having a literal monster truck being road legal.

I don't want to be a dick like the 'Straya government and be all DEFECTIVE, DEFECTIVE, DEFECTIVE MOTHERF***ER, but seriously. If this dude rear ends someone, say hello to your new passenger, mr. 50" tire. That bar at the front isn't holding jack, and it won't hold jill either. Get this shit off the road.

Thirdly, let's talk function, since we all like to hate on stancers for being dysfunctional. The door handles are most likely above head height, blood drain anyone? Next, how are you supposed to plant your ass in that seat? Yes, let's do some high kicks every time we go to the parking lot. And let me get my catapult so we can put the groceries in the back! And a toolbox, 7 feet in the air. Genius! Time to get gas? Let me take a shower in fuel first bro, gotta get that pre-workout

We shouldn't have to deal with this, that's all I'm saying.


Edit: for those saying I'm being extreme, it could be worse. "I think every male in America who gets their truck lifted like that should go to jail regardless of murder.- nik" from http://thedirty.com/2011/04/douche…