We took the 2011 FSAE car out for some driver training this weekend. Our resident hot shoe setup a very tight, technical autocross course complete with 2 slaloms, 2 box turns, a bus stop, and a decreasing radius turn. Everyone got a warmup and 5 hot laps. Having never driven the car before, I'm proud to say that I wasn't the slowest person out there... I was about tied for second slowest.

Still, this car is PHENOMENAL! And what's really scary is that the engine is worn, haggard, and not in a good state of tune, and the suspension settings are a bit off. Oh, and we weren't using any aero goodies. Moral of the story? An FSAE car with half of it's nominal grip, and down about 20% on power is still SCARY FAST, even if you're a slow driver.

File this one under DO WANT!!!