Just went to the Dayton Air Force Museum for the first time yesterday (it’s been 90 minutes from my house for 13 years.) Got there late, got soaked in the rain, had the whole family with me complaining about how much time I was spending taking photos. That said I like a lot of these and my only regret is not taking more.

For those of you who don’t follow the photography blog or haven’t seen my last couple posts I am going through a phase right now. I’m trying to get everything right in camera and just uploading the jpgs straight from the camera. This means everything isn’t perfect or even exactly how I would like it. But it does speed up my workflow considerably and motivates me to get out and shoot more.

I also took my Lubitel and shot ten frames on it. I will probably go through the raw files and editing them in SilverFX and uploading the scans from the Lubitel on a later Photography post.

Lastly if you want to see everything I shot yesterday save for a few family shots including multiple attempts at the same shot I’ve uploaded it all to my Flickr.