Jeremy Clarkson is racing James May from Heathrow Airport in London to Sydney Australia. As far as I can tell, both are taking air transport. (Update 4:55 PM EST: Jeremy Clarkson Wins. Let the Shenanigans Commence! #RaceToSydney)

James May is traveling thought the UAE, while Jeremy Clarkson is going all the way to Singapore for his pit-stop. Flight Tracker below.

I will keep this post updated, or just follow @JeremyClarkson and @MrJamesMay on twitter to watch live!

Update: 5:36 PM ET

Flight Tracker for James May's Flight UAE6 (Speculative Flight Number)

Flight Tracker for Jeremy Clarkson's Flight SIA321

James May looks to be slightly ahead.

[hat-tip to OpelFahrer]

Update 12:22 AM ET: Captain Slow Has Landed in Dubai

Flight Tracker For James May & Mark Webber (Dubai to Sydney)

Flight EK412

Update 7:15am EST: Jezza has arrived in Singapore and James has just left Dubai after being delayed for several hours.

Update: 1:55 PM ET

Update 2:06 PM ET: James May Just Lost?

UPDATE: Jeremy Clarkson Wins!

Let the Top Gear Shenanigans Commence