For the dozen or so of you* that guessed the McMower was going to be Martini livery, you guessed correct. My mower is Martini livery.

OMG, this thing is going to get so dirty.

Since the masking and taping has already been covered, let’s get to the build, since F1 pre-season testing is right around the corner.

Bare Chassis
LF suspension and spindle installed.
Five-position ride height adjustment
LR suspension installed.
Rolling chassis complete
I have chosen the soft tire for the 2017 season.
Rear chute door and skirt installed
Dry fit of power unit.
Installation of power unit.
Engine cover fitted.

Thank you for looking. I’m anxious to start the 2017 season.

*MonkeePuzzle was actually the first. Few hours after the first post.