Couple things. First, I drooled on an RS for a bit. GM said that he obviously wouldn’t let it out the door for anything less than MSRP. I’m amazed he would entertain a flat value on it, to be honest.

I want those wheels.

Second, I went through a warranty claim process for the paint issue on my front fender. Dealer I went to said it shouldn’t happen and opened the process but because I reported it just outside the 3 year mark, Ford denied it. Expected, but sucks. In the process, however, the lady reviewing my vehicle pointed out some potential indicators of my car having been touched up before I took delivery. When I went to get an oil change this past weekend, I inquired about it but the guy was useless. Besides the fact that I wanted the 40k mile service package and they only did an oil change and rotation he said that their records likely wouldn’t show anything because the body shop is a different system but he could still check. I get back and ask, he doesn’t show me anything but said I could check Carfax. If anyone has a Carfax account, I’ll post my VIN.


Side note: tech relayed that my front tires showed a significant amount of wear when compared to the rear. I just laughed and said, “well, yeah.”