Lots of sh*t has happened in the past two months. Went to Borneo which was great. While we were there girlfriend of 2.5 years started a major freakout about our future which was not so great. Currently split up while she sorts her head and decides what she actually wants which is really not so great.

Does give a lot of time to get on with projects though...

I’ve got pretty much all the way to boxing in the roof on my spitfire til i ran out of welding gas :S our supplier is open from 8am til 5pm so short of getting leave from work it’s a bit tricky to get a refill.

I managed to source some timber from a chap rebuilding his house so i could crack on with building my parts shed :) that’s one length of 4x2 from being completed which is most frustrating.

One cool thing though is that the house was built in 1951, and its most likely british slow-grown pine so much stronger than the newer stuff you get. Plus, the trees it came from were likely alive during world war two which is damn cool :)


Also, my dad’s made phenomenal progress with his garage. The roof’s on, insulation and boarding is up, floor’s painted and electrics have been done. He’s even hooked up a couple of lights in my garage for me :) it’s a revelation to be able to see what i’m doing without a torch!

Two nights ago we moved his Maserati in there as well as my sister’s boyfriend’s 106 race car :)

Loads of progress :)