Surprise, surprise! I’m visiting the States after years of being away. Couldn’t be happier :)

I went to one of LKQ’s junkyards where they allow outside schlubs to wander.

This is what I saw.

I’m glad these are here and not on the road:

PT Cruisers

Spray paint specials

Smelly cab

Smelly involuntary cab

Not pictured: Kia Amantis, everything that’s a Chrysler.

The fucked up ones:

This Avalon took it up the ass. All the way up.

This one slid into a pole

The A pillar is right at the driver seat

Shit’s on fire, yo!

Jaws of life

The car hitting the M Class flew over it?

DeMuro special:

Sadly, no bumpers remain to contain the warranty.

Prettiest Blue Disco:

So that’s what Ram front quarter chassis looks like:

Get dat down force boi!:

A wild Lancer Wagon appears:


10 dollhairs to whoever recognizes the cars.





Half an A Pillar, roof and windshield. That’s all I need.:

Belle of the (wrecking) ball:

Pretty outside, but empty inside.

Mexican fuel consumed:

BONUS - Teasers to my next project: Camping in Cars with Uly

A rain storm passed by while we were looking. So Uly and I took refuge in the luxurious S Class at first. Then a Cadillac Deville.

Thunder and lightening scared everyone but us.

We weren’t scared at all. I swear!

Now, if someone can tell me how to share videos online without having to make an account, we’ll be golden.