Fixed my lip fitment and polished my hardtop today! Also some idiocy on my part. Here’s a 50/50 on the hardtop:

Not stellar but better than it was. Need to sand it down more and polish again to get rid of more of the orange peel.

A lot better than it was, and it sparkles in the sunlight due to the metallic paint. For a $40 paint job I’m pretty pleased.

I also took a look at the fitment of my knockoff garage vary lip.

Not stellar.

file to the rescue! I also replaed the too-short plastic rivet with these I found at Autozone

I also bought some 3m trim tape but I was having issues getting it to stick to the lip. Ended up pressing the lip onto the tape while wearing a welding glove and hitting it with a heat gun set on high. Doubt it will last though...

Much better! Now for a wash...

I love the way this lip works. It’s just the right amount of rice for a car from this era and compliments the side skirts perfectly. There was one damper on my mood during all this though. I was a dumbass and set my polisher on the roof and it fell and made two nice dents in my door.

so now I see this in my driver’s rear view mirror

Gonna head to the PDR place tomorrow and get that fixed because I can’t live with that crap.