This morning I was scrolling through the usual self congratulatory F1 tweets and noticed that Lotus had tweeted something I thought was a hilarious jab at the Putin Gaystappo and celebrating the Sochi Olympics at the same time.

I didn't think this was odd since if you follow the @Lotus_F1Team they do tend to post more lively stuff than your average F1 feed. Unfortunately it was apparently seen as odd by the team themselves. By the time I was eating lunch and scrolling through more F1 tweets (that were decidedly less fun). The Lotus people had posted an apology.

As usual with Formula1 related tweets. Fake Charlie Whiting had the best reply.

I understand that it has nothing to do with the team itself and they would probably want to keep such political chatter to different data streams. But outside that point this does bring up lots of questions:

Is a photo of two dudes kissing more explicit than if it were a man and woman?

Is kissing somehow "pornographic" if it's same sex where it is a post-card love expression when heterosexual?

In 2014 should they really have to apologize for this?