A nice Cressida for your time.

Between speaking today and networking events, I did nothing in Vegas (except drink a little too much, ugh). In my defense, this place is miles from the Strip, and there ain’t shit to do out here. I just could not motivate myself to pay for a car to go anywhere. Have a Figaro for staying with this post.

The M is perfectly nice, but the ventilation in the casino sucks compared to the higher end places, and the casino floor reeks of smoke. The casino itself is meh, with a small sports book some tables, and a shitload of video slots. I think a lot of locals come here to avoid the Strip when they want to gamble.

Restaurants are excellent, especially the steakhouse. I was unimpressed with the conference center.

In short, if you love to gamble and nothing else, smoke, and are over 55, come here. If you want to entertain yourself in any other way, don’t. I’m ready to be gone. The highlight was this beautiful Lexus.

It looked very well preserved, and regularly driven. I love a posh LandCruiser. Thanks for reading.