76' Bird that after some minor restoration and modifications preformed during the past 1.5 years, is finally back where she belongs. On the road.

She ain't perfect in any way, but I'll defend myself by saying I never wanted her to be anyways. Otherwise I would never be able to bring myself to floor her on all the dirt roads I live near by, Dukes of Hazzard style!

Under the hood we find a somewhat souped up poncho 350 with horsepower figures probably landing somewhere in between 300-350 hp, without overexaggerating too much...

As you can see the original 76' front end has been swapped for a fiberglass 71' reproduction front.

The entire rear section was full of rust so that was addressed by fabricating somewhat custom rear valance and quarter panels.

Of course she also features a state of the art custom exhaust. Dual 2.5' up til a couple of tiny mufflers and then ending in 3'. And yes, it gets hot around the tips.

Interior wise it's pretty stock, including a hanging headliner and all the other things you'd expect to find in a 2nd gen f-body. Though I did fit a new carpet and installed a stereo with some things I had laying around. Oh and there's also a fire extinguisher in case the car decides to live up to it's name.

All in all, despite all her many little faults, I'm damn proud to proud to be able to call her; MY PRIDE AND