First, sorry for the horrible pun; couldn't control myself. I ordered a case of 36 KDay Hot Wheels and was very pleased with my pull. Many are available for trade too! Also, sorry for poor pics. I was too excited to control myself!

First, the Fast-Bed Hauler. This thing just looks cool and will not be leaving my collection soon.

A 64 Lincoln Continental in a new paint scheme. I got two so one is up for trade!

The Sting Rod II. I am not opposed to trading or keeping...

Whip Creamer II. Again, cool but not opposed to keeping or trading.

The white BMW M3. I have two for trade!


The Chevelle wagon. I never bought this one so I guess its time I got it.

The Surfin' School bus. This one has some nostalgia so I'll be keeping it.

'10 Camaro SS Police. Its cool; especially the card. I might trade.

Spector. Cool looking but not my style. Willing to trade.

Batman The Tumbler- Camo Version. I like Batman a lot so I will keep this.

The Datsun 620. A new favorite of mine. Luckily, I got two so one is available!

Horseplay. This is for the Chinese New Year. My mom believes in those good fortunes so I will be giving it to her.

Mad Propz. I love the paint on this. It'll look too cool on my wall to trade, so sorry.

Max Steel Motorcycle. Any fans of the movie? I'm not so it is available.

Impavido 1. Cool but not for me so it is available.

Kmart exclusive Sandblaster. I got two so one is available!

Kmart exclusive Dodge Demon. I got two so one is available.

Ford Falcon in a cool recolor. I have two so one is available.

Summit Racing Chevelle. The purple paint is incredible! This will be staying with me.

Plymouth Road Runner. Really cool one I have never seen so it is not available.

Panamera recolor. I really like the red and already have a blue so I don't think that this one will be leaving right away.

LaFerrari. Thanks to another Opponaut (whose name I forgot) I have one already. It is available.

'70 Camaro. This one is awesome plus it matches a Celica I already have so it is staying.

The RRROADSTER. I am indifferent. It may be available.

The Porsche 993 GT2. My favorite of the case. Therefore, it is going nowhere.

The Chicane. I like the exaggerated look... I may keep it.

Toyota 2000 GT. Cool but I got one already so this one is available!

Vandetta. Another cool exaggerated one. May keep it, may not.

Max Steel Turbo Racer. As with the cycle, it isn't my thing so you could have it in a trade.

Madfast. Another cool one that just isn't for me, so it is up for trade.

That is all! I am really looking for two cars: the C7 Vette and the Mystery Machine. I really want the MM. I grew up with Scooby Doo. I had a blanket, bed sheets, and Scooby plush, and I had (and still use) a Mystery Machine alarm clock. That one means a lot to me. I am willing to send two or three of my cars just to get that one.