I arrived home at 11:30am this morning. The return trip totaled about 20 hours. That’s 15 hours of driving and 5 hours of sleeping and eating.

She has a lot of (minor) cosmetic issues, two electrical issues (12 v input doesn’t work plus bad windows), one mechanical issue (leaky A/C), and it’s wearing very worn out snow tyres. They did last the trip back and thankfully I brought along a power pack with me. I ended up spending 10 driving hours listening to NPR anyway.

The car actually drives better than Tucker did at 23,000 miles! The first thing I had to do when I got home was clean her. She looked (inside and out) like she hadn’t been cleaned in a while (probably a consequence of the windows not working with dust/water getting in). Everything was dirty and there was a weird smell I couldn’t pinpoint.

(Looks like I’ll have to get the clock pod, previous owner only got the tach, and the trim ring is gone)

It took 4 hours of Svending to get the interior wholly presentable, like so! Ignore the yoga mat floor mats, they’re being used as a template for custom mats of my own design.

I even got most of the front wheel rust off! The brake dust on the front wheels baked into the paint, but most of it came off.

Ignore the paint imperfections, most of them are just dirt marks.

With the car came a bootleg MB Star machine (worth $800+) a spare tyre with tools, a California PopTop, hundreds of pages of technical documents, and some other goodies I haven’t looked at yet.

The spare tyre lives with Tucker now:

My favourite part is this transmission! There isn’t a parking pawl. To park, you put it into Neutral then into Reverse, then set the hand brake. To start the car, take it out of Reverse and into Neutral, press the brake, then start!

Awesome for a free car! She’s a 2005 smart fortwo passion with 24,000 miles, not sure which engine yet though.

And yes, the name is a reference to Chelsea Manning, mainly the “free” part.