I went Friday and Saturday. Saw numbing amounts of awesome Miatas and talked to a lot of really cool people. Did the whole world record attempt thingy, saw the ND, watched some hot laps, listened to some talks, scoped out some vendor tents, and did some parade laps—here's the dump!

Blackbird Fabworx had some of the most radically-modified cars at the event

In the parking formation for the "MX-5 25" thing. There are many like her, but she is mine.

Moar of that. Why are there so many BRG's in one spot? Because a BRG club straight up just rolled in all parked together

Tallest wing award goes toooooo

Kite. San Diego wasn't that far away when you consider that there were a bunch of guys from Canada there, as well as other foreign lands

Hot laps. I made do with my MF 70-210mm.

Favorite snap from the event. This car has an LS2 and has seen competition, in case you didn't know

Got to meet the old Club Sport concept as well as a handful of other concepts (including the only 1998 Miata in the world, which was half NA/half NB)

staging for parade laps

saints come marching in


and of course, the man of the hour

bonus: Here's a pic my dad took of me in the staging area for the NA parade laps. The woman on the right had a bone stock '94 R-Package

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