I've been here for a number of months now and when I saw JakeTheSnakeEater's intro,

I realized I haven't done a proper intro, so, hello Oppo, I'm ViperGuy21.

I'm a native of the southern part of DFW(Dallas Fort Worth) and often attend both the Dallas C&C as well as the Cowtown C&C. When the Mecum auction comes to town, or it's new car show time, expect to see me there. I love Vipers(obviously), and am a huge Hennessey Performance and Ferrari fan. I've just gotten my first car, a 2004 Milano Red Acura TSX, and my license. I love washing/detailing my car, and of course driving it. I am a big fan of Driver's cars, such as the Viper, and think that too many computers in a car can ruin it. But, I am a fan of technology,mad long as it has an ON setting and an OFF setting.

So that's me:)