So, yesterday i get a facbook request from a girl i had a massive crush on in 9th and 10th grade...

(back story: I am and was socially awkward, 'specially with teh wiminz)


in the 9th and 10th grade, i had a crush on this girl who was quiet, kept to her self, was into metal, anime, dressed like she was a Japanese school girl, all of that awesome stuff. i had confided in my best friend at that point, a girl a year older than me, red head, fat, ugly, emo chick. now, she was friends with the girl i had a crush on. turns out, the girl i liked had done the same as me...confided in the fat red head that she liked me. now, you can see with whom im going to place the blame. i had know her for a very long time, and just recently told the red headed bitch to take a hike after she pretty much tried to start within my group of friends. if it wasnt for that high school career wouldnt have sucked so bad.