I've just finished watching another episode of Car SOS where they restored and updated a Morris Minor 1000 Traveller.

What I didn't know is that the car we all know (or majority anyway) as the face of the Morris Minor is not the original one. The original one, known now as the 'Low Light', had headlights that were lower down and either side of the grille. U.S. regulations said these were too low and would not be allowed and Morris went back to the drawing board and made an alteration to become what we know of today.

My grand dad had a green traveller and that is what I grew up to know as being the Morris Minor face.


I knew of the other regulations that stopped the Land Rover Defender being sold in the U.S. (lack of airbags) (this after Land Rover moved the headlights from the inboard position on the Series I to the outboard position on the late Series II and Series III) and how the U.S. regulations made a lot of British cars take on an uglier look such as the fitting of rubber bumpers to once beautiful chrome bumpered cars.

From this

to this

Such a shame, that some great beauties have been either lost or not available in the U.S. because of safety regulations when cars that are available are allowed to be driven on U.S. roads in all states of disrepair after sale.

Though I do sort of prefer the Morris Minor with the higher head lights so its not all bad.