Are they any good? I had my struts replaced a few years back by my long-time mechanic (he reused the springs, and I think I had the strut hats replaced too, but I can’t remember). Anyway, after a few months of driving, I began experiencing a clunking sound. After much research, I learned that the strut nut on my drivers side assembly had backed out somehow and allowed the strut to rattle within the hat. I immediately found a way to tighten the nut and went about my life. However, the sound returned recently, and the strut bolt appears to have been damaged (no longer centered in the hat). Instead of going back to have the struts and hats replaced (under warranty), and bothering my mechanic (whom has since retired after a scare), I figuref I’d replace both sides myself (rather than hiring, buying, or finding tools to fix/tighten the current strut). Top photo is the good passeger side strut; bottom is bad driver side strut.