Max towing and GVWR are great facts, fun even, as are the mileage and power comparisons of a V8 vs turbo-turbo V6, but does that shit actually matter to the people who will never own one of these trucks and merely bitch online about them?

The topic in question here is far more important to those people.

The matter of engineers fitting a round object in a round or sqaure-ish hole; truck wheel wells and resulting fender shape.
Below are, in no particular order because when looking at thumbnails while uploading it's hard to tell some contenders apart: Ford F150, Ram Ram1500, GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier, Honda Ridgeline, Chevy Silverado 1500, Toyota Taco, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan.


Basically every article regarding the GM fullsize trucks has someone hating on the wheel arches, or maybe lintel is more accurate for their non-arch-like case. I didn't disuse them, didn't try to hide badges, this is simply showing each truck fender. Also not defending square fenders, though they do seem to be fairly popular however.

You can try and list them off in order, but I gave away all my gold stars to a grade 5 class earlier this week, so it would be pointless and no one cares.

GMC Sierra not shown, because, well, yuh know.