My pictures aren’t as nice as marshknute posted the other day, but I make up for it in variety. I wasn’t down there long, with friends so I didn’t spend as much time as maybe I would have liked, but shut up these are free. Here is your fix you junkies.

I had my camera on the wrong settings for the cars and coffee exotics. there was a mercedes slr mclaren there. I am sorry.

Also I missed the new ford GT(s) (apparently there were two). Also sorry. I will try to make up for it with witty commentary. also, should I accidentally kinja this post, give me a few minutes to fix it.

Edit: on request, I have added makes/models

There was a yenko tent. IDK why but I wasn’t complaining. (2nd gen chevrolet corvair)
This corvair is best corvair. seriously probably the coolest looking vorvair I have ever seen.
The only corvette I intentionally took a picture of. appears to be a modified early 3rd gen chevy corvette with a 455
Unsafe at any speed. and possibly unsafe at a dead stop. hold me.( Modified chevy corvair.)
This is a Chevy corvair yenko stinger
You guys like this stuff right?( I think this is an alfa-romero gtv? or somesuch I don’t know alfas)
Lancia of unknown providence.
(Lamborghini espada)
Damnit why didn’t I take more pictures of this lamborghini? this gallardo is exactly what I want. (lamborghini Gallardo spyder)
This is a fiat abarth , not sure what kind.
another fiat abarth race car
The only proper ferarri, (Ferrari 550 Maranello)
(Ferrari Testarossa)
Insert tim allen grunt (Alfa Romero Sprint Veloce)
What is this I don’t even
Where have you been all my life? I like an Alfa finally!
This guy is winning, because he has a GN with t tops. (Buick Grand National)
Someday, I think I am actually getting one of these. but only if they stay cheap. (dodge viper)
(oldsmobile toronado)
(pontiac gto judge)
Pontiac fiero gt
(buick GSX)
Boating, apparantly.
(AM General HMMWV)
(Ford Mustang Shelby GT-350)
Ford mustang II cobra
I think this guy needs to make his mustang more realistic, and set it on fire. (Ford Mustang)
(Ford Focus RS)
(Ford Mustang Mach 1)
(Bricklin SV-1)
(Ford Torino? I think)
(Datsun 280z)
(Datsun 280 left, nissan 300zx right)
(Nissan 300zx)
Guys, GUYS A RUF 911!!!@@#$&*@*(&*($& (Porsche 911 modified by RUF)
I have no idea if this was a yellowbird or not but it was amazing just to be next to. nobody had any idea what it was, including my friends.
(Porsche 911 slantnose)
(porsche 911 gt3)
(2 MG MGBs)
(Lotus seven)
(triumph spitfire coupe? I think)
(BMW 2002)
(Porsche 914)
(Porsche 911)
(I think this is a lotus)
(mercedes sls)
Many, Many VW campers/vanagons/westfalias
Mercedes G-wagon
(Caterham 7)
(austin london cab)
(BMW 2002)
(porsche 911)
(datsun 240/260/280 z)

This show justs gets bigger and better every year. Camaro was the featured marque, notice how I didn’t bother. I can see camaros every friday at a local pool. cars and covefe manage to drag alot more people out here by having a couple of million dollars worth of new exotics in about 100 square feet.

Next year man.... my car will probably still be broken lol.