Rally America 100 Acer Wood 2006, 4 of 8

More yellow after the jump & rant. Some one make this into a gif?

I’m not doing what I want to, although I’m streaming a baseball game, my wife is baby sitting her niece, her parents are dropping their dogs off in a bit (for a week), her nephew is getting home from a boyscout camping trip and we are also watching him ( siblings) overnight. I was trying to keep our 2 kids quiet while baby and wife takes a nap.


Oh well, I’m drinking a miller high life tall boy. Maybe I’ll do what I want tomorrow.

What I want: head down the street a mile away with great weather to get some remodeling done on a rental house that was a disaster and I need to gut and fix just enough to get on market. The parents of these two lived there and I have a kinja blog dedicated to the rehab process, not quite ready to share that.

Last one from eariler in the rally if you happened to scroll past the wall of words. Cars are best.