As some of you know, I'm still 17, car-less, and license-less, so forgive me. I've never ever driven a stick in real life, but I think I know how to do it, thanks to racing games. Now I have a few random questions.

1) Let's say you're at a standstill, and for the sake of this question, you're in 6th gear. If you want to reverse, do you go from 6-5-4-3-2-1-R or can you just go straight (left) all the way to reverse?

2) How do you know what RPM's match the speed of the wheels? How do you know 35 MPH = 4,650 RPM for instance. (Totally incorrect numbers, just random!)


3) If you're at a standstill in 1st gear with the clutch pedal depressed, is lifting and dropping your foot slightly and quickly going to cause the car to inch forwards? This seems to happen in the racing simulator I play.

Sorry for the n00b questions! I really want to learn how to drive Manuel, but my dad's auto is the only thing I've got.