Here's the best I can possibly describe it:

The brakes feel inconsistent. Sometimes they bite further up the travel (and feel great) than other times. Sometimes there's a bit of dead play in the pedal before the brakes bite, and I have to push a bit harder than others to get it to apply the same amount of force.

The brakes on this car are real touchy, but I love it. The issue is that sometimes the touchyness goes away for a single brake pedal press or two.


I think the brakes need to be bled, but I don't know how to convince the dealer that this needs to be done.

The car's a 2013 Focus ST with 5k miles on it.

I had the motor mount TSB done, which also replaced the clutchline. I know for a fact they had to bleed the clutch a few times, but am not sure if they did the brakes along with the clutch, or even if they're supposed to? (clutch & brake share a reservoir).


I'm getting the sound symposer (engine noise tube thing) replaced Friday, and had already asked them to look at the brakes last time, but they said they needed more detail since they couldn't find anything. It really only started happening since the TSB, I think. The dealer I'm going to for the symposer is a different dealer (like them better) than the dealer that did the TSB. I trust the one I'm going to now more.

A gorgeous blue Vanquish for your help.