The cream of the crop of modern sport bikes. The then ultimate game changer

The vaunted BMW S1000RR.

Friend showed up to a meet and bike wouldnt start. He didnt know how to bump start. So I did it for him. He then gave me 15min to ride it around and charge the battery a bit.

Hehe. Hehehe.

Like. The ZX-10R was fast. As was the Ducati 1198. But those were bike that made it readily apparent that they were going to kill you the first chance they get.


This thing? No harder or terrifing then my f800r. Really. Until you open it up. And it goes. And then it goes harder. And then it goes some more. At which point you wonder: A) how am I not in jail and B) how have I not actually taken off yet?

Man. I should NOT check the used prices for these, lest I do something stupid