Alright, its been a while, but I’m still alive and doing well (although I do have the flu currently). Just before I moved over to Italy I was invited on a 16 day european motorcycle ride. A group was forming with the goal to travel from Italy, ferry to Greece and end in Spain where we’d ferry back. My plan is going to vary a little form his, but it should be an epic trip.

But before one can just jump on a motorcycle for 16 days and hope nothing goes wrong it makes sense to actually test your gear. So friday we set out for the Gargano Peninsula to the a campsite just outside the town of Peschici. These are a few of the photos I took along the way.

We started off a little rocky with my friends GPS leading us on a 40 minute loop back to the start point. So I ended up using google maps in offline mode.

Lunch break

Climb up to Monte Sant’Angelo

arrived at the camp site... literally on the beach

Day 2 we left just about everything at the camp site and headed out to explore the area. After riding PCH I’d have to say these roads were just as good. Some had terrible surfaces, but others were amazing sweeping sections with astounding views of crystal blue water.


break along the road

sunset by the campsite

Day 3 got up and headed out. We saw a ton of small towns and this is where we had lunch

All and all nearly 900km over the 3 days. Time to change all the fluids, look into a rear tire and order the last bits and bobs before we head out in May!