2 weekends ago, I went on my first Motorcycle Trip

I went with my Dad, 2 uncles and 1 cousin. Those of use renting bike met at my uncle's house in Nola and proceeded to Eagle Rider. We arrived before opening and once they opened, picked up our bikes. We headed across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to my dad's house. From there we drove along small highways, through the Homochitto National Forest to Natchez. From there we drove along the Natchez trace to Vicksburg Where we spent the night. The trace had nice views and a nice stop to see a stream.


The trip to Vicksburg was pretty uneventful. We at lunch at Wards along the way. (apparently a chain) Stopped a few times for gas, the

Sportster I was riding had a pretty small take compared to everyone else.

The next day we headed home a different route home. We drove on my favorite road of the trip, MS Hwy 587. A 55 mph speed limit and a good bit of "curvy road - next 3 miles" signs. I ended up going ahead of the group to have a little more fun. Well worth it.


We stopped at small diner once we got into LA, Stuarts' Cafe. Decent burgers considering there aren't many near by options.

After leaving the restaurant, we turned down one street and saw a wall of rain. We made a U-Turn and tried to find cover. We ended up getting pretty wet before stopping at the Bogalusa Country Club. Only my dad had his rain gear which he put on once we stopped. My uncle left his in my aunt's car and Eagle rider rental didn't offer gear.

We waited till the rain slacked up some and continued on our way. From there we headed toward my Dad's and then back across the Causeway. We got some sprinkles on the bridge, but it wasn't bad. In total we drove 484 miles in 2 days. Lots of fun, but it was tiring.

Not sure when the next trip will be but this wont be the last.