A simple, easy to use rating system for all your Monday morning responses to the weekend’s Cars&Coffee Mustang Videos.

1/5 Mustangs: When the Mustang gets wheelspin while leaving the parking lot. Threat level - LOW

2/5 Mustangs: If the wheelspin of the Mustang causes the driver to lose control of the car. Could be as simple as a tank slapper, coming to a stop sideways in the road, or a spin. Threat level: MODERATELY LOW

3/5 Mustangs: If the out of control wheelspin causes the Mustang to hit a stationary object like a post, bush, tree or is otherwise damaged (tire puncture, clutch or engine failure) Threat level: MODERATE

4/5 Mustangs: When the out of control Mustang makes contact with another motor vehicle (moving or stationary) Threat level: High

5/5 Mustangs: When the out of control Mustang hits spectators/pedestrians. Threat level: Run for your life.


*These are just a guideline. Any Threat Level of Mustang executed in a spectacular fashion can raise the score.