Pulled my tranny out after having some troubles getting into gear and found a bunch of silver over the 3-4 selector fork. Which would explain why the 3-4 shift never would go into gear on the first try, you had to move it up a little then back down. And this is after we did a rebuild kit on it by ourselves :((((((. Ordered a rebuilt T5 now but it won't be here for awhile.

Of course MN C&C is this Saturday. my second to last one here in MN before I move to Texas in August. Not that I won't go to Houston C&C, but MN C&C is HUGE.

Luckily pulling the Tranny allows my Dad and I to install my new X-pipe, mid-pipe hanger, look at the clutch, space the cable some more, and maybe, MAYBE get my replacement heads on, but I really doubt that part. Also re-hang the tailpipes so they aren't so half-assed. Also can install my brithday gift MGW Shifter on the rebuilt T5.