• My dad owns a pizza shop and one of his customer was going to sell it to carmax because he had just bought a 2012 Hyundai Sonata. So he need to get rid of the E39. Carmax would only give $850 for it. It was this guys baby, he had it in A/C garage and had a car cover over it the whole time he owed. Regular repairs where done when need and if ANYTHING broke he fixed right away. The BMW had 225,000 miles 0n the clock, but it looked as if it had just came out of the BMW showroom back 1997. Thanks to my dad being a BMW fanatic he knew if anything was wrong. He said it was epic. So for $1000 dollars of my money it was mine. It's name was barney do to it being burgundy. It had a 5 speed got 32 city/42 highway until you put your foot down and as a 17 year old that was all the time. Four months later... I had one of the worst day's ever at school. I go off screaming down back rodes at a $1.20... after that i was clam and headed back home on that cold and gray january evening. I came to at stop sign. I couldn't see anything to my left thanks to a fucking bush. Inching out see to see better i look left then right then lef...... The car raised and fell back down on it's front tires the white toyota solara did try to avoid me but she just clipped me with her rear right quarter. The toyota spun violently and hit a school bus that was careening three kids coming from the Baltimore school of the def. I give my car gas for the last time to roll in in to a parking lot. I rush over to see if everyone was ok, they where thank god. I turn to see the the wreck before me and one man tear came for my eye as i saw her. She was gone...
  • PS got PBJ
  • PSS ,the lady i hit in the toyota was on her way to get married in NY and her dress was in the car and her soon to be husband showed up.

The end of my first car 1997 BMW E39 528i 5speed