I haven't had super awesome luck with my vehicles this year. Earlier, my 95 E-Series van was wrecked in an incident involving my sister-in-law (not at fault). The vehicle that replaced it (a much newer E-Series) is down for the count with an EGR failure that wiped out the head gasket and washed two cyls. Monday, I was rear-ended in my SRT8. Insurance has determined it was a complete write-off. We are disagreeing about its replacement value, but that's going to get sorted out.

The rental place had nothing but 1500 series express vans. I actually ended up REALLY liking this van. A LOT. I went shopping and picked one up for 16,500. So here it is:

I present to you, a 2012 3500 Chevrolet Express Van LT. It is propelled by a flex fuel 6.0L V8 mated to a ridiculously shift happy 6 speed transmission. I paid less than half of its sticker price. It has under 15000 miles and is stupidly clean.