So I dropped off my car today for some service, and this was the gem I was given the keys to. A 2014 jet black 328d. I was excited, as it would be my first time driving an F30, and a diesel no less.

First Impressions: You step on the gas, this thing goes. I got back to the office this am to learn that the 328d utilizes the 2.0 liter turbo engine rated at 180 hp, 280 lb/ft tq. My first question is, why isn't this called the 320d? Pretentiousness much?


I am guessing the reason this thing feels like it hauls @$$ compared to my N52 is because of the 280 Torks.

The suspension (compared to my Bilstein/Swift setup) is like driving on a cloud. If you have a long commute, lots of long road trips, this would be an ideal car.

There was crazy traffic, I was at a light and could see the window sticker sticking out of glovebox. The sticker on this thing was $419XX. That is effing crazy. This had no sport package, no xenons, no nav, nothing. Moonroof and heated seats were the only options. These things have to all be leased, becuase i can find much better ways to spend 42k than a 180hp diesel 3series with fake leather.