A 2004 Grand Am SE with the 2.2L EcoTec with 163,xxx miles.

Owned it 6 hours and it’s already washed and waxed

The people it was purchased from kept extensive records of everything ever done to it by them. They even wrote down when they put an air freshener in. Fittings were greased every oil change, among other things I don’t think most people actually do.


It’s mid-level option wise. Partial power driver’s seat, sunroof, Monsoon stereo, and probably a couple other things I didn’t know were options. The 2.2L feels pretty good power wise actually.

It’s got a couple normal GM issues. The dash padding is popped up in a couple places and the radio buttons have some wear, but that’s about it. Nothing too terrible though. It's pretty obvious it was taken care of.

It’ll be a good first car for him I think. 3000x better than the Safari.