There were 3 of these there!

When this guy came in me and my younger brother gave him a thumbs up, he then smiled and gave it a small rev, which caused a backfire:).

Loved this Car! (The Porsche)

1 of the 3


My friends Dad's Porsche.

This cars paint was beautiful, so beautiful it refused to let me get a good picture of it.

Meet Yogie, 1 of 2 of my Dad's friends dogs.

Loved this bike!

Look at the license plate!

The SR20 Fairlady

I was with a friend so I only met 1 Opponaut at the end (Tiny Toy Viper, who brought his Saab). It was great that so many Opponauts came. I usually take many more pictures, especially when there is about 500 cars, but I knew I would find all kinds of great pictures on here. I was using my potato. Hope to see the rest of you on the 17th, if I go, or next time at New Canaan, which will be April 2014!