I've been putting this off for too long, cause I've been busy lately. Sorry for the hold up, but here it goes. Please pardon the terrible pictures!

As you guys know, ever since selling my Baja Bug I had a massive itch to put a Datsun in my garage by the end of this year. I was bored one day at work and started perusing Craigslist to see if any new Datsuns had showed up recently in my area. It was my first time searching in two or so weeks and I wasn't necessarily hopeful that anything would show up.


I ran across this beautiful 1972 240Z on June 23rd. As soon as I found it, I came to Oppo to ask if I should check it out. As always, you folks gave me the green light and I immediately texted the owner to set up a meeting for Saturday the 28th. I was extremely interested in this particular car because the owner had just (within the last couple weeks) replaced the floor pans and frame rails. Bingo.

Some of you may know, I live in St. Louis and the car's owner lives in Mt. Vernon, IL. Mt. Vernon is about an hour and a half away from my house so the owner and I agreed to meet about three quarters of the way to his place because I was really pressed for time on Saturday. On the 28th, I loaded up my Subie with my dad, best friend, and toolbox. We hit the road promptly at noon and arrived at the meeting place shortly after one.


We arrived at a truck stop in a podunk Illinois town and the Datsun stood out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of semi trucks. I couldn't contain my excitement and sped over to the Datsun at full blast. The owner was extremely nice and was more than willing to answer my laundry list of insane questions about the car. After thoroughly inspecting every square inch of the car, I asked the owner if I could take if for a spin. He tossed me the keys and we were on our way.

This car is unbelievably fun to drive. The 2.4 inline 6 loves to rev and the car has plenty of giddy up for having nearly 150,000 miles. After 20 or so minutes of ripping around country roads, we headed back to the truck stop where my dad and friend were waiting and I immediately pitched the owner an offer. He was asking $5,500, but I had nowhere near that amount of money on me. I told him I could go $4,800 in cash, right there and then. He paused for minute, looked the car over once more and stuck his hand out for a shake. THE DATSUN WAS MINE.

The title was then signed over to me and the, now previous, owner was on his way. My best friend and I hopped in the Datsun, started her up and headed for home. The car performed wonderfully on the highway. We had a little over an hour long drive home at 75+ mph and it handled it all in stride.

Now that you've all heard the story, here is a little bit of specifics about the car and what I'm going to be doing to it. That above is how she sits in my garage at this very moment. SO. Info. It's a 1972 Datsun 240Z. Original L24 engine with 4 speed trans, BUT with dual Weber carbs. I don't know what happened to the original SU carbs, but it's not a big deal to me.

The car has a bit of rust, but that's expected of a 40+ year old Datsun. The rust isn't anything that can't be fixed, so it doesn't scare me.

The rust isn't extensive and should be easily fixed (fingers crossed). She came out of the factory with awful chrome trim running down the length of the car, but the P.O. tore it all off. The worst thing about this car is going to be the body work. Everything else I want to do with it should be relatively easily accomplished.

The suspension definitely needs a refresh. I've got a leaky shock on the passenger's side rear, but she'll be getting new suspension (Tokico) and brakes as soon as it's in the budget. Right now I'm trying to prep the car for the Missouri Safety Inspection I have to get done in order to register it. Once I get a few things here and there sorted out, I'll get the inspection done and she'll be on the road! My plan for now is to have a running and driving project. I want to be able to drive it while I get things done to it. It's also in need of a new radiator. The current one has a small leak and with the St. Louis heat and humidity, I have to make sure it runs cool.

On to the interior. Basically, it sucks. The seats are factory and torn to shit. There is no carpet because of the floors being recently replaced, but that will get done in time. I'm having a hard time deciding exactly what seats I want to put in there in the future, but that's not on the list of things that need to get done immediately.

The dash is in pretty great shape. Two small cracks that are hard to notice, unless you're looking through the windshield to the inside of the car. Let me tell you something about that wooden steering wheel, IT'S THE TITS. All the gauges work and so does the original clock in the car. It's really cool having that gauge cluster to check out when driving around.


I believe that's everything! As I do work on the car, I will definitely be keeping everybody updated. Thanks for reading!